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The Family Ties Project provides oversight and technical assistance for the grant to support subcontractors and other partners, including public and private organizations. The Family Ties Project multi-disciplinary team, including case managers, subcontractors, and other organizations provide wrap- around services for families.  This creative and innovative approach ensures effective case  coordination and timely service delivery by identifying common goals, conducting comprehensive assessments, increasing accountability, and avoiding duplication of services.


Effective Fiscal Management: The FTP model allows multiple organizations to benefit economically from a single grant
Increased Accountability: A single umbrella organization is responsible for oversight of grant including reporting, monitoring and evaluation
Efficient Service Delivery: Families benefit from multiple\services coordinated through one organization and services are offered at no charge to clients.
Enhanced Linkages: Organizations coordinate and collaborate in order to share limited resources and build organizational capacity and avoid service duplication.


Communication: Several organizations working together can cause challenges in communication and follow-up.
Conflicting Policies: Organizational policies including confidentiality and reporting policies often differ and challenges can arise when implementing a team approach.
Reporting Requirements: Compiling reports and tracking mandatory documentation from several subcontractors can be a challenge.
Client Confidentiality: Ensuring client confidentiality can present challenges when working with  multiple service organizations.